I provide a range of additional services in relation to design and innovation.

Design Consulting

AP-Design Consulting Design Thinking AP-Design Consulting Design Consultant

Depending on your needs, I will provide you with product strategies, innovation strategy services or project management advice. I will adapt my approach for project and team management to best suit the needs of your teams. We will partner to develop your corporate strategy and make your design thinking process as efficient and suited to your requirements as possible. The experience I gathered by working with startups and major companies will help you define and achieve your project. I will remain your single contact person during the whole process, and through me you can use my professional network when needed.

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Industrial Design

AP-Design Consulting Industrial Design AP-Design Consulting Industrial Design

As a designer, I seek to be the versatile asset for achieving your goals. My knowledge of 2D and 3D industrial design tools - such as Autodesk Alias - allow me to express my creativity with a transversal understanding of design process.

After defining technical specifications, I will provide you with a design analysis, drafts, and prototypes suited to your needs. Being meticulous and methodical, I try to stay true to myself; perseverance and passion for my profession are a driving force for the projects’ success.

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Design Training

AP-Design Consulting Design Training AP-Design Consulting Design Thinking Training

I offer various trainings in industrial design, 3D modelling, and methodology for all levels. Design thinking and innovation being at the core of my background, you will obtain the required knowledge to succeed in your design projects.

The training sessions can be given online, remotely or on your premises with a varying number of participants.

My interpersonal skills and social comfort guarantee a quality learning in personal development.

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Why work with me?

  • Multitalented and transversal, I offer services ranging from design strategics to industrialisation phase developed with a strong know-how of specifics 3d software. I will shift my focus depending on your needs and wants.
  • Easy going with people and trilingual French English and German.
  • Working experience with manufacturers and smaller structures allows me to easily adapt my strategy to your working environment.
  • Experience on different levels of product complexity: automotive (interior and exterior), electronics and consumer products, packaging.
  • I usually focus on one project at the time therefore I am fully available for your project and only work on its fulfillment.
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