Development of a concept car.

Client : Elexir

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ELEXIR redefines mobility with an all-digital vehicle, presenting its first concept car featuring a new user experience.

The user-centred digital space on board has a specific hardware architecture allowing a high degree of modularity based on software: equipped with ELEXIR technology, the vehicle runs applications linked to the various sensors on board.

The exterior design is characterised by a bitonal bodywork, particularly marking the wheel arches. Equipped with specific rims, the prototype borrows the stylistic codes of the SUV.The front mask features an LED display, projecting graphics selected by users.

On board, users benefit from LED-equipped seats offering a unique experience, inspired by light therapy.The symmetrical dashboard is sober, allowing the two touch screens to appear when the vehicle is started.

The emphasis is on recyclable materials, such as wood and linen, for sustainable use.

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