Alias Master Class : Mercedes AMG GT

Client: Rubika

industrial design mobility
industrial design mobility product workshop

For more than 30 years, RUBIKA has been training high-level creative people adapted to the requirements of the professional world. Their pedagogy has allowed them to become a reference in the 3D animation, video game and design sectors.

The school's 3D modeler course is aimed at curious and empathetic students who wish to accompany the development of projects in their feasibility and form.

The Alias Master Class workshop aims to improve students' knowledge of digital modeling.

Starting from a 3d scan of a Mercedes AMG-GT, the students had the mission to reconstruct the vehicle in surfaces on Alias.

Each student was in charge of a part of the bodywork, which led them to collaborate with each other, but also to find the optimal cutting of surfaces, while ensuring quality and fidelity of design.

industrial design mobility formation
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