Vehicles for airports

Conceptualization of three vehicles for airports.

Concept of vehicles for airports

Conceptualization of three vehicles designed for both passengers, luggages transportation, and containers.

Client: MO14 – Startup Incubator R + V Versicherung

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The MO14 team, specialized in autonomous vehicles, proposed me to elaborate a range of vehicles to facilitate airports logistics.

Thanks to their feedback based on the Navya autonomous shuttles, I brought them a skill improvement in the vehicle development in order to support the workflow project.

Thanks to the design thinking tools and the project management, I coached them on the different steps of the project and led several workshops: brainstorming, elaboration of the specifications, users experiences.

We developed three vehicles:

  • Autonomous shuttle which is facilitating the passengers transportation between terminals and planes
  • The container transporter which is sharing the same chassis as the autonomous shuttle
  • The tractor which is used to transport luggages and small containers
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AP-design consulting logo design thinking innovation

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